Meet the Therapists

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I’m a graduate of Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences in Grand Rapids MI. I’m licensed in Medical Manual Therapy and have 16yrs experience working with clients of all ages and have worked with a variety of  injuries and health concerns. I look forward to working with your specific needs to help you achieve a balanced, Healthy lifestyle..

Andrea Newton, L.M.M.T, Owner




Currently completing a Bachelors of Biology and Associates of Psychology at Ferris State University. I took this semester off so that I may focus on and complete a course at Blue Heron Academy studying medical massage therapy. I was fortunate enough to obtain an internship at Professional Therapeutic Massages where I hope to expand my knowledge and hone my skills in massage.

Some little fun facts about me include that I am originally a Yopper, I love playing sports and video games, and I do a lot of runs and races such as the Marquette Marathon in 2017, Swampfoot 4 mile, a full Tough Mudder and some others!






I’m delighted my path into massage therapy has brought me to PTM! As an intern, I’m grateful for the opportunity to put my education through the Institute of Sanative Arts to work as I complete my licensure program.

For years, I’ve worked with birthing women as a Certified Birth Doula, using my hands intuitively to ease the discomforts of labor for mom (and the stress for dad sometimes!) I started my journey into massage therapy so I could further support my clients during pregnancy and the postpartum year. I’m enjoying expanding my client-base outside of pregnant women while I’m in school to diversify my skills and abilities.
In my free time I love adventuring with my three boys, training for obstacle course races and working endlessly on house projects.

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